Rapid Publication

Vivid Open Access offers a choice of rapid publishing for time sensitive manuscripts. For Research articles rapid publication is necessary, because potentially it reduces the time to disseminate and expand on the authors research work. We are providing rapid publication model for all the journals. The authors can publish their work as quickly as possible depending on their requirement, but in rapid publication also the authors can retain strict peer review process.

In Rapid Publication the author will receive review comments within a week (usually within 5-7 days) and the additional charges $100 per article will be charged to authors after acceptance of the article. All Vivid journals have both normal publishing and rapid publishing option. Normal publishing may take up to 4 weeks’ time to receive review comments. After the request of the author only we will start the rapid review process either during submission or after submission by sending email. If the author will not request rapid publication then the article will undergo normal review process.

We are providing strict and standard peer review process and same criteria for acceptance of the article for both publishing models. The only difference for both the publishing models is the time period required to review the article. In rapid publication peer review will complete within a week and within 72 hours articles will appear online after acceptance of the article.